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Options to suit all

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to concrete. In fact, there are hundreds of variations. So, we’ve distilled our best and most popular options down to a strong team of 20 – which are available to view in the flesh at our Carlyle St showroom.

We didn’t come up that team lightly. We have based it on market trends, consumer demand and materials suited to unique Canterbury landscapes.

Presentation and performance are key to us at Concrete Brothers, so we have created some finishes which are unique and look fantastic.

These range from the popular and cost-effective, to more superior finishes. Some of our products are classics, some keep up with the latest trends – and sometimes customers just want bright green concrete.

To help you choose the best concrete for you, we have divided them into four price-structured categories: Standard, Premium, Statement and Deluxe.

  • Standard

    Both asphalt and plain concrete are great price-driven solutions.

    • Plain Concrete

  • Premium

    Standard & blended exposed aggregates and coloured concretes.

    • Exposed Aggregate

      Concrete Bros Blend

    • Coloured Concrete




      5KG Black Sponged

      Aged Bronze

      Jet Black



  • Statement

    Coloured concrete with grouting and exposed aggregate will make a real statement.

    • Coloured Concrete

      Coloured Concrete with Grouting

    • Exposed Aggregate

      5kg Black with White Stone

      Olympic Gold

      5kg Black with Black Chip

      Weka White

      Lyttelton Oasidian

      Port Hills Brown

      5kg with White Stone

  • Deluxe

    Custom designed concrete solutions for when you want something truly special

    • Borders & Framing

      plain concrete with white chip exposed aggregate

      Charcoal concrete with white stone exposed aggregate

      5k black concrete with 5kg black exposed aggregate

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